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IT Consulting

The boom in Information Technology Infrastructure also saw the need for Quality assurance certification. This is how new standards were published over time in Quality Assurance, Information security, Business continuity, Asset management and ITIL. The ISO Certification we have carried out in various IT industry in and around Bangalore are not only in the current version of the standard. We have been associated with various IT companies eversince the British standards published the standards in the form of BS 25999, BS 27000, PAS 55, PAS 99 etc.

 The asset management standard published in 2014 was earlier called PAS 55 and GQS has the largest client base in ISO 55000 in India both in I.T and Non IT domain. The Non Information Technology Infrastructure Domain consists of Real Estate companies and Oil and Gas companies.

 Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ISO 20000 Certification and the logo are increasingly a competitive advantage in the market and offers internal benefits for the IT organization.

Asset Management or ISO 55000 Certification helps in maintenance, assessment and re-evaluation regarding possessions engages in a serious purpose.

 Information Security Management or ISO 27001 Certification establish, implement, maintain and improve the information security of an organization Business Continuity or ISO 22301 Certification aims to help you in planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing and maintain system